Tim Vantol enters studio for 2nd Full-length

Tim Vantol
Dutch folk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol is ready to enter the studio this February to record his second full-length album. The follow-up of his debut Road Sweet Road (2009) has taken some time, but rest asured: Vantol will be releasing his upcoming album this year. Read on for more details!

Tim Vantol is going to record with Nico van Montfort of XPZ Sound (Tenement Kids, Antillectual, The Black Atlantic). His backing band The Misprints will also be joining him in the studio, but Tim will be doing some songs solo.

Vantol already played some new songs that are going to appear on the new album: Bitter Morning Taste and Hands Full Of Dust. Listen to both songs below.

After recording, the singer will be touring Europe with The Misprints, also playing festivals like Monster Bash and Groezrock. Check out all dates on his site.

Tim Vantol on: Facebook Twitter Spotify



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