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Tim Vantol to release Basement Sessions

banner Tim Vantol 2
Dutch folk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol will be releasing a digital only EP with five alternative takes of his songs, recorded at a basement studio he built with his father. More details and the track “Apologies, I Have Some” can be found below. Continue reading


Tim Vantol enters studio for 2nd Full-length

Tim Vantol
Dutch folk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol is ready to enter the studio this February to record his second full-length album. The follow-up of his debut Road Sweet Road (2009) has taken some time, but rest asured: Vantol will be releasing his upcoming album this year. Read on for more details! Continue reading

Tim Vantol posts new song “Hands Full Of Dust”

Tim VantolDutch folk/acoustic punk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol has put a new song online to celebrate 2,5k likes on Facebook. Check out “Hands Full Of Dust” by reading more. Continue reading