Album Review: Night Windows – Musicassette/Magnetic Memory

banner Night Windows - Musicassette-Magnetic Memory

Night Windows is a project started by Ben Hughes from Pennsville, New Jersey. His self-produced album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory was crafted from the perspective of a young man facing a reality far different from the one promised him in his youth. As for our view on it…

As the name Night Windows already hints, the record has a very ‘Weakerthans’ feel to it. This album brings you twelve songs about the blue-collar work force, struggle and keeping in touch with the important things in life, your loved ones. At first Musicassette/Magnetic Memory strikes you as really mellow Sunday morning listening material. But those who take the time to listen through the gentle sounds of Night Windows will find a surprisingly good record with – at times – heart touching stories.

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Imagine yourself home alone on a rainy night, staring out your window thinking about your life, the paths you chose and the ones you did not. That is exactly what Ben Hughes is doing with this record. The only difference is, he is taking us along for the ride. The only slight critique on Musicassette/Magnetic Memory is that most of the songs sound quite similar. But then again, some would say: if it is not broken, don’t fix it! And this record is anything but broken.


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Musicassette/Magnetic Memory is out April 15 on Black Rd Records.




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