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Ben Hughes (Night Windows) to release ten years of music

banner Ben Hughes

So, apparently Ben Hughes of Night Windows has been hoarding songs for a whole decade – and is releasing all of it this year! Each month of 2015, Hughes will be releasing an album, with his second one “No Dial Tone” out today. Listen to it below. Continue reading


Musicasette/Magnetic Memory on tape

banner Night Windows - Musicassette-Magnetic Memory

Night Windows‘ debut album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory was already released on April 15, but is getting a casette release five months later. White Raven Records is releasing the album on tape.
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Night Windows – Musicassette/Magnetic Memory out now

banner Night Windows - Musicassette-Magnetic Memory

Ben Hughes known better recently as Night Windows – his debut album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory is officially out ! Listen to the full album below. Continue reading

Album Review: Night Windows – Musicassette/Magnetic Memory

banner Night Windows - Musicassette-Magnetic Memory

Night Windows is a project started by Ben Hughes from Pennsville, New Jersey. His self-produced album Musicassette/Magnetic Memory was crafted from the perspective of a young man facing a reality far different from the one promised him in his youth. As for our view on it… Continue reading