Frank Turner plays all-new set

banner Frank Turner

Frank Turner is being a busy bee. I know we started the last article with exactly the same words, but it could not be more true. He flew over to St. Vitus in Brooklyn, New York for a half hour show in between Into It. Over It. and emo pioneers Mineral to play a set consisting merely of new songs.

For the gig on September 4th, Turner left the Sleeping Souls at home, and ‘was then seen losing his effing mind to Mineral while wearing a Mineral shirt’, according to Noisey.

The setlist:
0:00 Intro
0:48 Get Better
4:08 Josephine
8:28 Cleopatra of Brooklyn
13:05 The Next Storm
16:26 The Opening Act of Spring
20:51 Little Aphrodite
24:35 Mittens
30:11 Love 40 Down

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