Tim Vantol to release Basement Sessions

banner Tim Vantol 2
Dutch folk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol will be releasing a digital only EP with five alternative takes of his songs, recorded at a basement studio he built with his father. More details and the track “Apologies, I Have Some” can be found below.

“I wanted my friends and fans to be able to hear a couple of songs of my latest album the way I wrote them and how I play them at my solo shows – back to basic, just my guitar and me,” thus Vantol on the reason for the “Basement Sessions”.

For the EP, Vantol rerecorded four songs of his 2013 album “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!” plus “Mercy Will Kill Me” of his debut album “Road Sweet Road”. The Basement Sessions will be available from October 17.

Click for full size image

Click for full size image

1. Apologies, I Have Some
2. Mercy Will Kill Me
3. Hands Full Of Dust
4. Broken Mirror
5. Bitter Morning Taste

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