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The Right Notes covers Tim Vantol

banner The Right Notes
The Right Notes – also known as Tanja Jansen – has done a cover of fellow Dutchie Tim Vantol. Listen to her version of “Bitter Morning Taste” below! Continue reading

Tim Vantol to release Basement Sessions

banner Tim Vantol 2
Dutch folk singer/songwriter Tim Vantol will be releasing a digital only EP with five alternative takes of his songs, recorded at a basement studio he built with his father. More details and the track “Apologies, I Have Some” can be found below. Continue reading

Album pre-order Tim Vantol – ‘If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!’

banner Tim Vantol

Tim Vantol‘s upcoming album “If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!” is up for pre-order. The album will be out on April 19th, with the vinyl coming in May. A strictly limited vinyl edition is up too, so read on quickly! Continue reading

Details new Tim Vantol album + new song

banner Tim Vantol
Dutch singer/songwriter Tim Vantol has released all info on his upcoming album ‘If We Go Down, We Will Go Together!‘. You can check all details and the title track below. Continue reading