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Harker releases video “23”

banner Harker band 2

Brighton’s punk outfit Harker got signed to Paper + Plastick, has an EP coming up and has now released a video for one of those new songs. Check “23” below.

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Mike Moak acoustic on After The Fall 7-inch

banner Mike Moak

After The Fall front man Mike Moak has recorded acoustic versions of “Dedication” and “Indian Ladder” for the B-side of After The Fall’s new 7-inch. Listen to the two songs below! Continue reading

Pentimento strips, but “It’s Okay”

banner Pentimento

The wings are not the only thing Buffalo is great at; the punks in Pentimento are making quite a name too. They recently met up with Space Jam Sessions to do some stripping. “It’s Okay“, it’s only stripping down music. Watch their session below. Continue reading