PJ Bond is “The Better Option” to stream now!

banner PJ Bond 3

PJ Bond‘s new album “Where Were You?”  will be out in just over a month, so it’s time to hear a new song again. Album details and a stream for “The Better Option” can be found below.

“Where Were You?” will be released through Xtra Mile Recordings and Black Numbers/No Sleep Records. Bond announced the album in early March, with a stream of the first single “Broad Street“.

Pre-orders for the album are live now through Xtra Mile (cd/digital) and Black Numbers/No Sleep Records (LP) with an instant gratification of the single “Broad Street”. “Where Were You?” will be out on 4 May.

1. Everglades
2. Broad Street
3. Calm In The Corner
4. Seer
5. ’87 Broadcast
6. Hellfire
7. The Better Option
8. Neighborhoods
9. For J.
10. Lucknow To Birmingham
11. We Were Just Kids

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