The Matchup new EP “Cool Your Djent” out today

banner The Matchup 2

Canadian acoustic pop punk duo The Matchup released their new EP “Cool Your Djent” today, and are giving everyone a free download. More information, plus a full stream of the EP can be found after the jump.

The Matchup consists out of Rat Luv & Burger Barrington, both on acoustic guitar and vocals. In “Cool Your Djent” you can hear clear influences by NOFXRancid and basically all the big names in punk rock.

You can download their latest EP, as well as their first two EP’s “Alternative To Metal” and “Turbo Power Excellent” for free on the band’s Bandcamp.

1. Carry On
2. A Better Day
3. Forever
4. 20 Minutes
5. Maritime Girl
6. Exit the Vizard

The Matchup on:  Facebook Twitter  Spotify  Bandcamp



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